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C.R.E.W. Testimonials

Cynthia Strickland, Family C.R.E.W. Parent participant, Greensboro, NC
"We got a chance to meet new people, talk about our problems, learn that others have the same problems, and get some ideas as to how to work them out. The kids got to do some role playing
which is AWESOME!! They don't like to talk or participate so I was surprised when they got up to do anything! I can say that I have used my active listening skills, I have tried to use the
stoplight. (Really I have!!) I have used my "I" statements with Isaiah. He did listen and I asked him if he heard his teacher talk about it. Not all my conflicts, I know, will be win-win...
but we can strive for it!"

Jamal Woods, Principal, Allen Middle School, Greensboro, NC
"As an administrator, I have observed a tremendous decrease in referrals involving students
arguing and fighting among themselves. The school counselor has noticed an increase in the number of students who have sought out her ear to talk out a conflict or potential conflict."

George Clopton, Vice President, Distribution Center Operations, Polo Ralph Lauren, Greensboro, NC
"We are pleased with the results of Win-Win's Corporate training and will expand the program to the entire leadership team. Win-Win has provided my leaders with skills and tools to enhance our interpersonal relationships that we believe will help to improve our operational effectiveness."

Allen Middle School Student:
I think the Win-Win program has helped a lot of students here at Allen. I think your program is good and you should not change what you are doing. This is a very good program no doubt about it.

Andrews High School Student:
You can make it better if you make this class for everyone instead of just freshmen. If everybody takes this class maybe Andrews will be a better school.

Dudley High School Student:
I really enjoy this class. I have learned a whole lot on handling myself in a more positive way. I hope everything y'all taught us will get through to half the students here. Win-Win does not need to get better because I think it's a very good class to take

Ferndale Middle School Student:
I like when we act out the conflicts and really get to say how we would solve them. This program is awesome already.

Griffin Middle School Student:
I enjoy doing Win-Win and the Win-Win teacher helping me solve conflicts. I wish we had class twice a week. I am so thankful to be in this program.

Hairston Middle School Student:
I think Win-Win is great. I can't think of any way to make it better. I like this program because it talks about problems everyone has.

High Point Central High School Student:
All I have to say is this program really helps with conflicts and getting into trouble. I learned a lot from this program. I keep these things in my mind because I believe in the program. Our school can be better if we keep doing the things we have learned

Jackson Middle School Student:
I really enjoy Win-Win. Expand to more schools and the public. Win-Win is fun and helps (us) have better skills. I like to act out different things

Smith High School Student:
I think the Win-Win instructors have done a great job since the time they have been here. I think that Win-Win is doing fine and everybody should have it.

Little Friends of Win-Win Speak Out!

"Thank you for teaching me about brats and bullies. I will try to not be a bully and if someone calls me a name, I will try not to call names back" -Kaelon, 2nd grader
"Each play taught me something. I learned you can talk things out, walk away or tell the Teacher.
-Your friend, Marchael, 3rd grader
"I learned new words like respect, empathy, stop-think-choose, teamwork, win-win solution. Thank you for coming to our school and teaching us new words to help us be more respectful."
-Sincerely, Hilario, 4th grader
"I learned that bullying is not cool or fun."
-Shaniyah, 5th grader