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Corporate C.R.E.W.

Outcomes of the Training Program

The outcomes of this training are as follows:

  • Reduced conflicts in the workplace resulting in increased productivity in the operations department
  • Participants will increase their recognition of what "triggers" negative reactions and practice alternative positive solutions in a safe mutual learning environment with skilled staff so participants can be more "proactive" instead of "reactive"
  • Resolve what issues can be "packaged" in common priorities, what conflicts exist, and what approaches are most tenable for resolution
  • Increase in communication skills and resolutions to conflict, with emphasis on positive behavior modification
  • Increase in common vocabulary, "shared- experience" and knowledge of other employees (personally & professionally) to better frame conflicts, develop solutions and improve work place atmosphere
  • Participants will heighten their awareness of diversity issues and gain new insights about cultural assumptions and their own interactions.

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Rave Review of Corporate C.R.E.W.

George Clopton, Vice President, Distribution Center Operations, Polo Ralph Lauren, Greensboro, NC
"We are pleased with the results of Win-Win's Corporate training and will expand the program to the entire leadership team. Win-Win has provided my leaders with skills and tools to enhance our interpersonal relationships that we believe will help to improve our operational effectiveness."