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Family C.R.E.W.

The Parent/Teacher/Family C.R.E.W. focuses on decreasing negative behavior at home and in school, improving communication skills to foster more positive interactions in both settings.

Family C.R.E.W.

  • Parents learn limit setting, effective communication skills, and non-violent discipline techniques.
  • Parents learn to model their new skills for their children.
  • Teachers, as well, learn and practice more effective conflict resolution skills in their classrooms.

The lessons of C.R.E.W. are thus reinforced and practiced within the family and school settings.

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Meet the Warrens...

"The whole thing was healing for me and my family. I learned all I could and then brought it home."
Dad, Terence Warren
"I am a much better parent now that I have participated with many of the Win-Win programs. I am getting to know my children again in new ways --especially the three older children. We found out through this time that one of our sons was attracted to joining a gang. Though this program, we discovered this, and we intervened before it was too late." Mom, Tracee Warren
"When you take on a role and act, you learn a lot about yourself; you figure out what is going on in your real life. And we made it real." Tavish, the oldest son
"It was both very entertaining for the children and also they learned a lot about themselves and others." Teresa, teenage daughter