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Elementary C.R.E.W.

Elementary C.R.E.W.The elementary program utilizes original scripts with puppets and theatre instructors in an interactive setting with students.

Each of the scripts has a specific focus: bullying, name calling, peer pressure, and diversity. The content of these scripts focuses on the power of children's words to bully, injure or heal.

The students participate in theatre games designed to increase their sensitivity, communication and problem-solving skills. Students then use these skills to resolve the script's conflict (1 hour or 6 week models available)

Elementary C.R.E.W.BRATS & BULLIES©
Focuses on how children can constructively express their anger and frustrations.

Focuses on the impact of name calling and teasing and increases positive communication skills.

Focuses on acceptance and appreciation of our differences.

Focuses on how students can develop the necessary communication skills to overcome adversity and peer pressure.

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Support for Elementary C.R.E.W.

"I have seen a difference in behavior, attitude and outlook of the students when comparing them from before and after the program. I do want you to know that you are all making a big difference to all the children you work with."
Jason Lee, School Counselor,
Jones Elementary Greensboro, NC