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Middle & High School C.R.E.W.

Middle-High C.R.E.W.








The Middle/High School C.R.E.W. program is led by a professional counselor who serves as the facilitator and a theater instructor who guides students as they role-play characters in conflict situations relevant to the problems of middle and high school students. Incorporating students' role play suggestions along with utilizing two original Win-Win scripts, students will explore the effects of rumor and gossip and acceptance of differences and breaking down the walls of "cliques" through the pursuit of common ground. Through an interactive script process, the students develop creative problem-solving, self-awareness, teamwork, self-esteem, and communication skills (3 hour or 12 week models).

Middle-High C.R.E.W.








Building conflict resolutions skills in students can help to create a stronger sense of community, alleviate violent behavior and demonstrate that a problem has many positive solutions.

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C.R.E.W. Outcomes Published

During one school year 4000 Middle and High School students received Win-Win's Middle/High C.R.E.W. program reflecting outcomes of up to 46% reduction in school violence. Outcomes were published in the National Journal of School Violence. Contact Win-Win for copy of publication.